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I'm Itamar             a technically-minded marketer that helps product-led growth startups acquire new customers.

"Within a month, Itamar tripled the weekly number of product-qualified signups while maintaining the same budget."

Shimon Tolts
CEO, Datree

About me

After earning a PhD in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University, where I also taught Logic and Philosophy of Language, I left the academy in favor of a career in tech marketing.


For the past years, I've been working in product-led growth companies, among them, and my latest role was VP Marketing at Datree, a developer tools startup.


I now offer my services to product-led startups who are looking to build scaleable growth systems.  


Managed monthly budgets of $200k+ 

Increased landing pages conversion rate by ~25%


Generated 300% growth in active accounts

Watch my lecture at TLV Partners' offices about growing early-stage startups

My offerings

Fractional VP Marketing

Why not a fractional CMO? Because I don't merely strategize, I also execute.

Growth Consulting

Give me the budget, and I'll find the way to make paid ads work for your startup.

Random Projects

Need someone to write copy for your website or advise on an SEO project? I might be able to help.

From my Substack newsletter

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